iBrow Enhancements

  • Brow Rehab


    Stimulate brow growth with growth serum & come in for a threading every 3-4 weeks until eyebrows rehabilitate. Some brows need a month while other brows need more than a year. Please understand that we cannot deliver your “Dream Brow” in one visit. Brow Rehab does require a bit of patience and trust.

  • Brow Color Adjustment


    Even the best shaped brows may not set off the eyes if the hair is fine, sparse or fair. Want a fuller, bolder looking brow, a brow color adjustment is for you! Lasts up to 4-6 WEEKS!

  • Brow Henna


    Our exciting new treatment is the perfect addition to your brow sculpting service. Henna tinting 'stains' the skin more effectively than regular tinting and sets to a powder like matte finish that last 2-4 weeks depending on the skin type. This treatment is vegan friendly and all natural. Many clients comment that it reduces the need to fill in the brows and adds definition where hairs are sparse or non-existent. No peroxides or preservatives and is perfectly suited to sensitive skin types.

  • Keratin Brow Fusion


    Keratin Brow Fusion Treatment, is the FIRST of its kind to use Natural Keratin to infuse each brow hair to maximize its volume and enhance the shape of the brow. This exclusive natural Keratin compound with essential oils, vitamin B and minerals is specifically designed to provide penetrable nourishment, anti-oxidants and hydration to each hair. Keratin Brow Fusion Treatment increases the diameter of each brow hair to add fullness and then sets the brow hair in place for a perfect shape. A relaxing one-hour service, the Keratin Brow Fusion Treatment is also superb for “unruly” and curly brows and will help to correct and reset stubborn cowlicks in the brow line so they sit flush against the skin. Brow hair is not damaged but richly nourished. Lasts up to 4-6 WEEKS!

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