A brighter, whiter smile for everyone! A service provided by Your Perfect Smile!

This treatment delivers immediate exceptional visible results to people whose teeth have been stained by smoking or by substances like tea, coffee or cola drinks. The teeth can be 2-8 shades lighter on the teeth shade scale.

The results can last up to a year!

Teresa, your smile specialist, is available once a month and will help you attain your brightest smile. Please call or enquire within iBar for more information.

Please note ~ NOT recommended for pregnant women, children under the age of 16, and customers with a periodontal disease are discouraged from undergoing this procedure. Also result will vary depending on how discolored the teeth originally were.

  • Single Session Teeth Whitening


    One 15 minute whitening session

  • Double Session Teeth Whitening


    One 30 minute teeth whitening session in one visit.

We Use The Best Natural Sources and Products

Absolute Anti Aging Face Oil
Anti Aging
Brightening Rose
Deeply Clarifying