Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which uses thread to remove the unwanted hair from the root as it is used to glide across the skin. It is very delicate procedure, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Since the thread grabs and teases out each hair by the root, the outcome is a cleaner finish with longer lasting results. Also, since threading allows for better control while shaping the ibrows, it ensures they are perfectly sculpted.

Our threading service utilizes a combination of organic thread and ayurvedic oils. Let our iBrow Experts transform your ibrow line. Each iBrow threading treatment begins with an alignment method that will help find the perfect ibrow shape for your face. Your threading service will end with an ayurvedic oil massage using our unique metallic wand which helps to sooth and calm the skin.

Your iBrow expert is also happy to demonstrate a tutorial on how to fill in your ibrows at home using one of the signature products from the Zaya cosmetics range. Please enquire about our Brow Rehab and other brow enhancements.

  • iBrow Sculpting - $24

    iBrow Maintenance - $18 (within 30 days of last service with ibar)

    Upper Lip - $10

    Chin - $10

    Cheeks - $10

    Sides - $10

    Neck - $10

    Forehead - $10

    Full Face (including iBrows) - $48

We Use The Best Natural Sources and Products

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Brightening Rose
Deeply Clarifying